Wednesday, April 04, 2007



ADAn_nADA said...

Hey jose
I really Like your Dinosaur character and his/her helmet.
Btw your Demo today at GCC was great. I think It really helped us all. I hoped you'll had more time to show us more cheat and tricks. I really appreciate it. If you dont mind and have time could help us with any questions we might have

thnx man

Justin Jenkins said...

this is awesome post more!

Mark McDonnell said...

CAN I GET SOME MORE ARTWORK HERE??? I know you are really really really good and have MANY MANY MANY pieces of work laying around that are amazing. I know, because I have seen them.

Best to you and I hope you're well,


eddine said...

Awesome! I love the giraff design! Thank you for sharing those sketches (sorry for my english!)

marcello varez said...

Hey Jose,great stuff man, like always.

pakoto said...

increible!!! me encanta

bernardfx said...

Hey Jose! Do you happen to know "Oso's" wife, Socorro? Well, I'm his student that she told you about. I'm quite interested in graphic design, as I have been drawing on the computer since I was 12, and right now I'm working with vectors (as a logo artist). Also, I have been drawing by hand for around a year, and I'm acquiring lots of skills. Anyhow, your artwork is great. :) Hope we can get in contact sometime, and discuss what options would you consider good for me.

Thanks for reading,
Vincent Bloom

Eric Z said...

Nice characters and sharp poses. Cheers man!