Friday, January 12, 2007

Shapes Shapes Shapes

Shapes Shapes Shapes, do I need to say more! Before you design a character first decide the look/style, and then began playing with shapes.

Explore different styles.

Explore different styles, to create a diverse set of characters.
This style might be a little ugly and crude but it retains a little level of cuteness.

A.D. would be a little more realistic and very angular, perfect for action shows etc.

Playful Aliens, will attract younger audience (boys).

Anime, which is very popular trough out the glove for its action/drama driven shows that appeal to both genders. This line up is what I call American Anime.

Cute and cuddly characters, that as we know attract the majority of girls.

Bye Bye..

E.N.S trolls

Brush Pen

Emperor's New Skool. Comic rough sketch with brush pen.
An ink pen keeps drawings nice and loose. You draw faster, so you are able to capture acting and gesture (drawings look more alive). If your drawings are a little stiff you may want to begin using a brush pen (my favorite is "Staedtler mars graphic 3000 duo")



Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dave The Barbarian




Dave The Barbarian.

Dave The Barbarian.
A.D. monster.

American Dragon villain line up.

American Dragon line up.

American Dragon

This is for a show called American Dragon.